Yellow Mustard Seed For Microgreens


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Sprouting Yellow Mustard Seed
Brassica juncea

Our  yellow mustard seed is nutritious and believed to stimulate the immune system. They are some of the most flavoursome greens around.
Mustard seed belongs to the Brassica family. Mustard seeds produces a wonderful tender sprout, that tastes like Horseradish.
This was grown has a low input crop.

Seeds can be sprouted in jars and trays
It is easy grown it germinates best 16 – 25°C .

Sprouting Yellow Mustard Seed in the hand showing just how yellow mustard seed is.

Low Input seeds

The seeds can be purchased in a White Bucket with Lid
5kg Seed in a 10L Bucket
10kg Seed in a 25L Bucket


Sprouts are seeds such as beans, grains and nuts germinated edibles that are eaten whole, with the seed, root and stem still attached.

As a 'living' food, the enzymes in Sprouts help our body digest the nutrients in our food and boost the life- giving activity in our body. Sprouts continue to grow vitamins after being harvested.

Sprouts have become widely used and are a fresh, tasty food.
Sprouted Seeds are soaked in fresh clean water, and allowed to germinate slightly.

Essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals as well as proteins and fibre are contained in the shoots.

Seed shoots, are allowed to grow beyond slight germination, into young greens that are at their nutritional peak.


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