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Our Whole Grain Barley Flour is now available direct to you from our online store.
Whole grain barley flour is just what it sounds like: a non-wheat flour made from grinding whole barley. It’s a popular alternative to wheat flour because, unlike many non-wheat flours, it contains some gluten. This obviously doesn’t make it a good choice for those with celiac’s, who cannot tolerate gluten, but it does mean that it is an excellent option for more conventional bakers looking to expand their skills by working with alternative flours.
This really is a very special flour for a number of reasons.

1.This is the first Lancashire grown stone ground whole grain flour to be sold for more than 20 years

2. We work closely with our growers to help them grow us the kind of grains we need and because we are also growers we know what farmers need from us to help bring in the best crop to our farm.

3. Our whole grain barley flour can be traced back to the very field it was harvested from in the summer.

4. We only use grains that is grown within 15 miles of our post code (L40 1UH).

5. We use only the best grains grown in Lancashire for our own stone mill.

Lancashire grown and milled whole grain barley flour to order, then packed in bags ready to be shipped.

Our whole grain barley flour was grown last year on the fertile farm land of West Lancashire. It is then pre-cleaned and stored until it is need for milling into flour.
Barley flour has a mild, but very slightly nutty, flavor the complements both regular and whole grain flours. You can substitute it into a regular recipe for up to 1/2 of the ordinary flour without compromising the texture of the baked good (with the exception of very delicate/sensitive baked goods, like angel food cake, that rely on the presence of a precise amount of flour to work well). In fact, because it has a low gluten content, it can actually help to tenderise baked goods while still lending enough gluten to the recipe to allow it to rise properly. When compared to regular all-purpose flour, there are some nutritional benefits to barley. It has slightly fewer calories and more than 4 times the fibre of all-purpose. It also has slightly more fibre than whole wheat flour.

It is a good flour to substitute into quick breads, muffins and cookies for a little whole grain twist and is an easy ingredient to play around with in the kitchen in general.
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