British Size Organic Buckwheat Sleep Pillow


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buckwheat sleep pillow

When selecting hulls for our buckwheat sleep pillow we are primarily concerned with the physical quality of the hulls; they must be intact (not crushed flat). 
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You are now looking at the first buckwheat pillow to be made to the standard British pillow size and fitted with a full length zip at one end. So you can add and remove hulls to customize the pillow to your sleep position.

For some reason in the UK and most of the world Buckwheat Sleep Pillows seem to be made around 18 inches long. In the UK the standard size for a sleep pillow is 27 inches long. This makes all your buckwheat sleep pillow cases look half empty when you slid in a world standard size buckwheat pillow.
Size is 69cm x 43cm (27.16 inch x 16.92inch)
Due to demand we introduced a larger buckwheat pillow. It’s now the same size as a standard British sleep pillow. It is filled with even more of our triple cleaned Buckwheat Husks (Hulls). Now measuring in at a whopping 27 inches (690mm) long.


This buckwheat sleep pillow is now ideal when you use your own pillow slips or you have a wider bed and want the pillow to cover all the way across your headboard. So now not only will it help give you a good nights sleep, but it will also look good when you make the bed in the morning.
BUT we really hope your not buying a buckwheat pillow for how it looks on your bed. So below are some reasons why we think you should buy one of our buckwheat sleep pillow, and if it is down to the price checkout the drop down menu at above for a good reason why to buy 2 of our pillows.








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“Just a quick email to say how delighted we are with our buckwheat pillows.
My husband suffers from terrible back pain and this is the first pillow that has enabled him to enjoy a decent few hours sleep.
My 18 yr old is off to uni this year and is often up all night because her brain doesn’t switch off – she slept right through for the first time in months.”  06/03/16

Have had one of these pillows for over a year now.
So comfortable and has supported my neck beautifully.
May need to top the pillow up with some more but worth it.
Have to take with me on holiday so lucky I’m not going abroad 17/08/15

I just wanted to say thank you for the wonderful buckwheat pillow you sent me.

I have arthritis and other health problems and trying to get comfortable at night has been very difficult . I’ve tried all sorts of pillows but nothing has worked until I tried yours and I managed to have my first good nights sleep in years.

It’s a great product and I will definitely be recommending it to my friends and ordering some lavender to put in it .

Buckwheat Hull Facts

buckwheat in bagIn the UK buckwheat pillows are sold by their size and then the weight of buckwheat hulls in them, but the odd thing with buckwheat is that the cleaner it is the more volume you get to a kilo of hulls. So the cleaner the hulls the lighter the pillow will weigh.

If you look at the hulls in the picture left you will see they look like a cupped hand. The reason for this is when we remove the groat from inside the whole buckwheat seed.
We have to pop of one of the three sides of the hull. When we remove one side this is called a platelet. We then shake the groat from the hull and separate the hulls and groats using air.

Buckwheat Field

Buckwheat Field

The groats-

The groats then go on to be ground in to flour. We are the left with buckwheat hulls, but they are 1/3 platelets.
These platelets get in the now empty hull cups and in the gaps between the hulls. They make the hulls feel heavy without giving any extra volume to the pillow.
This in turn slows down air flow through the pillow. Air in your pillow is a good because you get two things from it for the price of one. The first is air stops your head from getting to warm in summer.

Seed and withered flower of buckwheat

Seed and withered flower of buckwheat

Buckwheat Pillow Facts

Your head is warm the air around and under your head is warm so warm air rises. And because there is gaps for air to flow through the hulls it draws cool air from under your head in the pillow and this cools your head has it rises. This works the other way when your surroundings are cool. Now the air in the pillow is warmed by your head, but now for the good bit. If your head starts to get to warm and the air around it warms up then the pillow lets your head draw cool air from under it again.

I know this sounds odd but our bodies sleep better when they are cooler rather than being t0o hot and buckwheat is a natural organic filling that can help you get a good night sleep by regulating the air temperature  around your head.

Do you ever go to sleep in a position that feels relaxing?

Then when you wake up you’ve moved in the night and now you having an aching  back, neck or hips? Well a buckwheat pillow can help stop this by stopping you from moving in the night once you are asleep. It’s simple really. If your head can’t move then your body won’t move either. By making a hollow in the pillow like an egg cup, then placing your head in it, so your neck and head are both supported. Now your is in an egg cup of your own making. To move you’ll have to roll up and over the hill around your head or lift your head off the pillow and out of the hollow you have made. This is not easy when you are sleeping and if your head doesn’t move your body will not move either,


You can now click on the drop down menu below to order an extra pillow case with your with your Standard British Sized buckwheat sleep pillow. So now no need to ever be without your pillow while you wash the case that contains the Buckwheat Hulls. (This is not a pillow cover or slip. It is the case that holds the Buckwheat Hulls)
The Brow Farm Buckwheat Sleep Pillows come with full instructions for you to get the best use out of your new pillow for years to come.
British Buckwheat Pillow size is 69cm x 43cm (27.16 inch x 16.92inch)


If you want more details about why a buckwheat pillow may be the pillow that gives you the best nights sleep you’ve ever had, then click here




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