Wheatgrass Seeds




Wheatgrass Seeds Grown and Sold by Brow Farm Ltd

Wheatgrass Seeds

Our wheatgrass seeds were grown by us in 2015 in West Lancashire UK. After harvesting the seeds are taken from the fields to the farm where it is then pre-cleaned. Slowly dried using cool air which helps keep a good germination rate of the seed. It is dried to a moisture content of 14%. (using heat to dry seeds is faster can lower germination rates)


Then the Wheatgrass Seeds are stored in large grain silos until needed.

When the wheatgrass seeds are wanted by us for sowing or to be sold to you it is taken from the silos and put though a cleaning machine that is fitted with screens that have holes in them.

The wheatgrass seeds pass over six different size screens where small seed and any cracked or broken seeds are removed. light seeds and any chaff is then blown out of the sample before the seeds are packed in bags ready to be used by us or shipped around the UK. 


Please bear in mind

Please bear in mind that even though a 20kg bag of seed may seem a far better deal than a 5kg 0r 10kg. You are looking at 700 shots from 20kg of seed.

This is more than 2 years of you are doing a shot a day for just yourself. Wheatgrass seeds is  an annual plant so needs to grow from seed every year. For this reason it does have a shelf life, more so if it is not stored in the correct conditions. The older seed is the less vigor it has and the germination rates of the seed will drop.

We sell seed with a 4 month use by date on the bag. This is because we are not able to say how the seed has been stored after it has left the farm.  The seed will grow with great vigor long past the use by date shown on the bag if it is stored correctly.
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Wheatgrass Shot Glass

Juice your own fresh wheat grass


We sell organic compost to grow your seeds in Compost

Seeds can be ordered in a storage bucket

Grow fresh wheatgrass for your pets Cats, dogs, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chickens

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