Organic Dried Lavender Bunches


Dried French Lavender Buds

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Organic Dried Lavender Bunch Flower French Provence Bunches

Organic Dried Lavender Bunches are from French Provence Grown Bunches Organically grown at high altitude in Provence France Great For Weddings, Displays etc

Organic Dried Lavender Bunches

Lavender Growing

Lavender Bunches

1 Bunch, 3 Bunches, 5 Bunches, 10 Bunches and 20 Bunches

Great Colour

approx 30cm

approx 200 stems per bunch

Organic Lavender  from Provence
Our lavender flower buds are harvested and specially sourced from the finest growing region of Provence in France. Which is without doubt one of the best known places for the highest quality Lavender flower buds in the world.
Grown at an altitude of 1300m above sea level, which helps give the lavender buds that added blue colour and a deeper longer lasting scent. The Lavender blooms from late June to August and the Lavender Flower buds were harvested from mid July to late August, the exact time being dependent on the plants growth and the seasonal weather.

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