Lavender Organic Flower Buds from Provence


Dried French Lavender Buds

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NEW SEASON Lavender Organic Flower Buds from Provence


Great for Crafts – Culinary Grade Ideal for all Cooking

Our lavender flower buds are harvested and specially sourced from the finest growing region of Provence in France.

Which is without doubt one of the best known places for the highest quality Lavender flower buds in the world.
The Lavender blooms from late June to August and the Lavender Flower buds were harvested from mid July to late August, the exact time being dependent on the plants growth and the seasonal weather.

The lavender flowers are then harvested, dried, cleaned and graded before being boxed.
The lavender flower buds are graded to the highest quality before it is boxed up and palatalized then shipped over to our farm in Lancashire.

Provence lavender

All our Grown at an altitude of 1300m above sea level, which helps give the lavender buds.  That added blue colour and a deeper longer lasting scent.Provence lavender buds are A.O.C accredited which is a marque of quality in France. We have worked with our farming colleagues in Provence for many years and seen the farm change from mainly arable and livestock to almost 100% lavender grown on the land. We are proud to say that they are now growing all their lavender organically. It has taken more than 4 years to get to this stage and be able too offer a product in large quantities and maintain the quality all year round to you the customer.

We bring

We bring over lorry loads of Provence Lavender throughout the year so are able to offer it at prices that other sellers can only dream of. OUR LAVENDER BUDS ARE GRADE 1. We have a number of large customers who buy our lavender flower buds for use in food. Yes they are really that clean.
We don’t sell or send out amounts of less than 500g.

Use in food, drinks and sweet and many more food products.

Lavender Flower buds we use in our heated wheatbags.
Lavender Flower are also Ideal for potpourri, sachets, heated wheatbags, candles, bath blends, Wedding Favour Bags and similar crafts.

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