Bread Recipes


This photo is from one of our customers showing the delicious bread they made using our Lancashire Milling Wheat bread







Ingredients for one loaf:
420g milling wheat flour
180g strong white flour
2 tsp Easy bake dried yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp light brown soft sugar
340 mls warm water
Method (for a Kenwood mixer with dough hook)
1) Mix all dry ingredients together in a separate bowl.
2) Pour water into mixer bowl first, then add dry ingredients.
3) Mix on MIN until combined, then increase speed to 1 and mix for 5 mins.
4) Shape dough into a loaf and place into a buttered 2 lb loaf tin. Cover with a plastic shower cap
(the type ideal for holidays and henna treatments – available from Boots/Superdrug), or place in a
plastic bag and leave to rise.  There is no need to “knock back” the dough.
5) About 20 mins before baking preheat oven to 260 degC/ Fan 240 degC/ Gas 9. Place a roasting
pan at the bottom of the oven. Fill a cup with water and set aside.
6)When dough has finished rising, remove shower cap/bag. Place loaf in oven, pour cup of water onto
hot roasting pan to form steam (stops surface of bread from cracking, helps to glaze it and softens the crust)
and lower oven temp to 200 degC/ Fan 180 deg C/ Gas 6.
7) Bake for 35 mins or until golden brown and hollow sounding when tapped. Place on a wire rack to cool.